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DIY guide to custom fire pits

Unlimited design freedom

Our all-new custom Fire Pit Kits provide unlimited design freedom while saving you up to 40% on your project. No vendor sourcing for custom welding or glass work required, your fire pit kit comes with everything you need!

Build your custom fire pit in 4 simple steps

Step 1

Choose a surround that is made with non-combustible materials such as concrete, brick, natural stone, or tile.

Custom Fire Pit: Step 1

Step 2

Drop the metal tray and the ethanol burner into the surround.

Custom Fire Pit: Step 2

Step 3

Insert the toughened glass windscreen for a beautiful and stable flame.

Custom Fire Pit: Step 3

Step 4

Add the included black glass charcoal rocks for a polished look, and enjoy!

Custom Fire Pit: Step 4
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